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Sign up for your FREE account, and create your attorney profile. Your profile is listed in our directory, and is the first thing potential clients see when searching for you or evaluating applications submitted to fulfill their legal needs. In order to make a good first impression, you should ensure that your profile is as informative as possible.

Receive Emails

Once you have created your FREE profile, the legal projects submitted by potential clients in your area(s) of practice and geographic location are emailed to you and listed on your Attorney Homepage. If you want to search for legal projects posted in other geographic locations and/or other areas of law, you can also do that from your Attorney Homepage. Simply click on "Find Work" at the top of the page, and you will be directed to a page that lists all legal projects posted to the site, which you can review and contact the client, as interested.

Connect with Clients and Get Hired

If you have a Premium Account, which is only $300 annually, you can respond to as many legal projects and connect with as many clients as you like. If you would like to respond to a legal project, click on the project title and then the "Connect with this Client" button. Then draft and submit your message, which is emailed directly to the potential client for review. After reviewing your message, the client will then determine whether to contact you. If the client wants to hire you, you will be sent a message informing you that the client would like to talk to you about moving forward with the hiring and representation process, which is done entirely off-line, without the site involvement.